Bread Basket

Freshly Baked Bread

Sourdough Round – traditional round loaf slowly leavened with sourdough starter 3.85
French Baguette – a classic chewy baguette 2.99
Ciabatta – Italian flatbread with an open grain and slightly chewy texture, perfect served warm with olive oil 3.25
Potato Rosemary – potato and wheat flours infused with rosemary 4.95
Three Seed Bread - pumpkin seed, sesame seed and sunflower seed roasted with sesame oil and tamari, then baked in a wheat/whole wheat/rye sourdough 4.95
Healthgrain - a multitude of natural grains, seeds and ingredients: wheat, whole wheat and rye flours; wheat germ, cracked rye, millet, flax seed, sunflower seed, poppy seed, sesame seed, honey, molasses. 4.95
German Sourdough – a light whole-wheat sourdough 4.95
Buttercrust – a tasty white sandwich loaf 2.99
Whole Wheat – a whole grain wheat bread sliced for sandwiches 3.75
Rye - a light rye bread infused with caraway 3.75
Cinnamon Raisin – a sweet bread baked with cinnamon and raisins 3.75


French Rolls – classic crusty dinner roll .60 each   7.20/dozen
Potato Rolls – a soft roll made with potato and wheat flours .35 each   3.50/dozen
French Hoagie bun – a crusty bun perfect for making po’boys .99 each 11.88/dozen
Pocketbook Rolls – a small soft folded roll     2.75/dozen
Tea Rolls – two-inch round rolls made in batches of 3-doz   white -  2.75/dozen
wheat -  3.25/dozen