Breakfast Pastries & Treats

Cheese Danish

Cheese Danish

Whether you need one or dozens, Community Bakery breakfast pastries and donuts will fill the bill. Made fresh every night, our donuts, Danish, croissants, muffins and cinnamon rolls are ready for you when you arrive in the morning. Our breakfast pastries will put smiles on the faces of your children, your clients or your coworkers.

Need something for a morning meeting? Order a tray of assorted pastries.  Add a juice or a Java Box of coffee and you are good to go. We can have it ready when you come to our drive-through window, or we can deliver to your downtown office. See our catering page or call us for more information.


Glazed Donuts .70 each 7.00/dozen
Cake Donuts
Cinnamon, plain, blueberry, honey wheat, old-fashioned sour cream
.80 each 8.00/dozen
Iced Donuts
Chocolate-iced glazed, chocolate-iced cake, chocolate-iced old-fashioned sour cream, maple-iced glazed, coconut-iced cake, white-iced cake
.80 each 8.00/dozen
Filled Donuts
Lemon-filled, raspberry-filled, cream cheese-filled, chocolate-filled
.95 each 9.00/dozen
Donut Holes .17 each 1.70/dozen
Assorted Donuts 8.00/dozen


Cream cheese, cherry cheese, honey nut, apple, apricot, cherry, raspberry, lemon 1.90 each 20.50/dozen


Plain Croissant 1.90 each 20.50/dozen
Filled Croissant
Cream cheese, almond, raspberry cream cheese, chocolate, lemon blueberry
2.35 each
Ham and Swiss Croissant 3.50 each
Spinach and Feta Croissant 3.50 each


Blueberry, banana nut, almond poppy seed, lemon poppy seed, apple, chocolate-chocolate chip, cappuccino-chocolate chip, orange cranberry, oat bran raisin, orange 1.20 each 14.40/dozen
Mini-muffins (available by special order, please call at least one day ahead)  7.20/dozen


Plain, sesame, poppy seed, onion, everything, sourdough, asiago sourdough, whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, blueberry
1.20 each 12.00/dozen
Cream cheese – 1 oz – plain, lite, fat-free, strawberry, garden vegetable .55 each
Butter .13 each
Jelly packets .15 each

Other Breakfast Pastries

Long Johns
Chocolate-filled, lemon-filled
1.50 each
Apple Fritter 1.65 each
Cinnamon Twist 1.65 each
Bear Claw 1.90 each
Cinnamon Roll 1.40 each
Apple, cherry
1.90 each
Sausage Roll
A yeast roll filled with sausage, egg and cheese – a bakery specialty!
3.50 each