Breakfast & Lunch Boxes

Early Bird
Fruit salad served with a delicious pastry and small fruit juice.
For a lighter version, choose a bagel with cream cheese, butter or jelly.
Add yogurt for 1.25
Café Lunch Box
Your choice of sandwich (includes all sandwiches except paninis and capreses), prepared on our made-from-scratch breads with chips, baby carrots, pickle and a cookie. Napkin, utensil and condiments included.
Deluxe Lunch Boxes
Our Café Box plus your choice of Caesar, corn or pasta salad.
Our Cafe Box plus fruit salad.
Our Café Box plus a cup of soup.
Half Sandwich and Salad Box
Your choice of half a sandwich and side salad — fruit, Caesar, corn or pasta.
(Includes all sandwiches except paninis and capreses.)
Salads to Go Box
A scoop of our chicken salad, egg salad or tuna salad and a choice of fruit salad, pasta salad or Caesar side salad.

Breakfast & Lunch Trays

Sandwich Tray
Your choice of sliced lunch meats and breads. The sandwiches are cut in half. All sandwiches will be dressed, unless otherwise specified.
Chips, pickles, plates and napkins included.
7.95 per person, minimum of ten
Meat and Cheese Tray
Your choice of two meats (smoked turkey, smoked ham or roast beef) plus three cheeses. Assorted breads, baby carrots, pickles, plates, napkins and condiments included.
6.50 per person, minimum of ten
Fruit Cup Tray
Tray of individual 6oz servings of seasonal fresh fruit.
14.00 Tray of 728.00 Tray of 14  2.00 Ea additional Fruit Cup
Vegetable Tray
A selection of four or five seasonal raw vegetables sliced and arranged on the tray.
Plates, forks and napkins included.
2.75 per person, minimum of ten
Breakfast Pastry Tray(Price is based on a pre-set assortment. Prices for custom assortments may vary.)
An assortment of donuts, Danish, muffins, cinnamon rolls and bagels with cream cheese.
Serves 10 – 16 – 29.95
Cookie Trays(Price is based on a pre-set assortment. Prices for custom assortments may vary.)
Large tray (16”) with 7 dozen assorted cookies
Small tray (12”) with 4 dozen assorted cookies

Choices Available for Box Lunches and Sandwich Trays

Chicken Salad Smoked Turkey Smoked Ham Roast Beef
Egg Salad Tuna Salad Avocado Melt Grilled Italian Chicken
Croissant Whole Wheat White Buttercrust Healthgrain
Bagel French Baguette Potato Flour Sub Roll German Sourdough
American Cheddar Hot Pepper Jack
Mozzarella Smoked Provolone Swiss

(Cheese is $.40 extra on all sandwiches.)

Family-Size to Go

Tarragon Chicken Salad 8.95/pound
Tuna Salad 11.95/pound
Egg Salad 6.95/pound
Fruit Salad 2.50/person
Sundried Tomato and Artichoke Heart Pasta Salad 2.25/person
Caesar Salad 2.25/person
Corn Salad 2.25/person
Quiche for Four
With four cups of soup
With four side salads
Soup – daily specials or by order 12.95/quart


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