Assorted Cookies

Assorted Cookies

We make cookies for every occasion – from holiday events to tailgate parties – and of course, just for a little treat. Our popular iced sugar cookies can be customized with initials or logos for special events.

Bite Size Tea Cookies

Sand Tart – a pecan cookie with a drop of chocolate in the center .42 each 4.60/dozen
Pecan Ball – a pecan cookie rolled in powered sugar .42 each 4.60/dozen
Butter Cookie – a buttery sugar cookie .42 each 4.60/dozen
Chocolate Chip – mini-chips and nuts in a crispy cookie .42 each 4.60/dozen
Peanut Butter – made with crunchy peanut butter .42 each 4.60/dozen
Macadamia Nut – macadamia nuts and white chocolate .42 each 4.60/dozen
Cocoons – a pecan log cookie made with powdered sugar .42 each 4.60/dozen
Snickerdoodle – a crispy cinnamon sugar cookie .42 each 4.60/dozen

Classic Cookies

Chocolate Chunk – chocolate chunks, coconut, pecans and butter .75 each 8.25/dozen
Tollhouse – a cookie loaded with chocolate chips – no nuts .50 each 5.70/dozen
Sugar Cutout – the classic rolled sugar cookie .52 each 5.70/dozen
Oatmeal – a traditional recipe with raisins .47 each 5.15/dozen
Cowboy – peanut butter, oatmeal, mini-chips, pecans .47 each 5.15/dozen
M & M – a sugar cookie with our favorite chocolate candy – no nuts .75 each 8.25/dozen

Iced Cookies

Iced sugar cutouts – our classic sugar cookie with fondant icing 1.30 each
Chocolate-dipped shortbread cookie 1.40 each

Seasonal Cookies

Holiday sugar cutouts – decorated with colored sugar   .52 each   5.70/dozen
Razorback sugar cutouts – a 6” cookie decorated with red sugar 1.30 each
Football cutout – a 5” cookie decorated with colored sugar   .70 each   7.70/dozen
Iced holiday sugar cutouts – decorated with colored icing 1.30 each
Iced Razorback cookie – a 6” cookie decorated with red icing 2.75 each
Iced football cutout – a 5” cookie iced and decorated 1.80 each
Coconut Macaroon – a soft cookie loaded with coconut   .42 each 4.60/dozen
Chocolate-dipped macaroons   .75 each 8.25/dozen