Daily Specials


Friday, May 22nd 2015

Soups of the Day

Cup – $3.50 Bowl – $5.25
1) Cheesy Broccoli
2) Chicken Gumbo
3) Corn Chowder


Cajun Turkey, Parmesan & Cheddar (a la carte) $4.50


Three Cheese (a la carte) $4.50
Sunrise: Roasted Tomato, Cheddar, Spring Onion (a la carte) $4.50
Chicken, Spinach & Monterey Jack (a la carte) $4.50


All Panini orders include your choice of baby carrots or chips

Portobello and Provolone $7.75
Roasted Vegetable $7.25
Smoked Turkey and Goat Cheese $7.75
Cajun Turkey $7.00
Italian Turkey $7.00
Fresh Mozzarella $7.25

Daily Special

Chicken Parmesan PaniniĀ  with baby carrots or chips $8.00