Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

Community Bakery offers a wide selection of pies, pound cakes and individual dessert items. Our popular dessert bars are perfect for a sweet bite after a meal. Get one to eat on the run or several dozen mixed bars for a party.

Dessert Bars

Lemon Square – lemon layer on a shortbread crust 1.50 each 18.00/dozen
Hello Dollychocolate chips, coconut, pecans on a shortbread crust 1.70 each 20.40/dozen
Pecan Square – rich pecan pie filling on a cookie crust 1.70 each 20.40/dozen
Carmelita – pecans, chocolate and caramel between oatmeal crusts 1.70 each 20.40/dozen
Peaches & Cream Square – shortcake crust with peach and cream cheese filling 1.70 each 20.40/dozen
Fudge Brownie – classic brownie with pecans; with or without chocolate fudge icing 1.50 each 18.00/dozen

Individual Desserts

Almond Bow Ties – almond filling wrapped in puff pastry 2.00 each 24.00/dozen
Palmier – flaky elephant ear shaped pastry 2.00 each 24.00/dozen

Pies and Tarts

Pecan 8.99 Pecan Tart 2.50
Cherry 7.99 Cherry Tart 2.50
Apple 7.50 Apple Tart 2.50
Pumpkin (seasonal) 7.50 Pumpkin Tart (seasonal) 2.50
Sweet Potato (seasonal) 7.50 Sweet Potato Tart (seasonal) 2.50
Dutch Apple 7.50
Lemon Pie topped with Whipped Cream 9.99
Chocolate Cream 9.99
Coconut Cream 9.99

Pound Cakes

Pound Cake (6” loaf) 4.25
Lemon-glazed (8” round) 5.95
Strawberry Cream Cheese (8”round) 6.95
Blueberry Cream Cheese (8”round) 6.95
Almond Poppy Seed (8”round) 6.95
Rum Bar with pecans, rum sauce (6” loaf) 4.99
Rum Cake (8” round) 5.99
Sweet Breads (6”loaves)
Banana nut, blueberry, orange-cranberry, lemon poppy seed, almond poppy seed, orange, chocolate-chocolate chip, cappuccino-chocolate chip